Bubba Kush CBD Vape Cartridge (Indica)

Bubba Kush CBD Vape Cartridge (Indica)

 High Quality C-Cell Cartridge Filled with 250mg of CBD Isolate

 These 500mg (.5g) cartridges are made with CBD Isolate extracted from sun grown hemp plants in Colorado, USA. They do not contain any THC, and will not get you high. We carry them in a Sativa, Indica and Hybrid strain. 


The potency of the oil cartridge is formulated to be 50% pure CBD. That means the 500mg cart will have 250 active milligrams of CBD.


We blend all our terpenes and flavorings in house and create all our flavor profiles from scratch. Each cartridge provides a unique flavor due to the different terpene profiles blended with each strain.


Ingredients: CBD Isolate, Natural Terpenes and/or Natural Fruit Flavorings, MCT Oil


Cartridge Specifications: Authentic CCELL cartridge, ceramic atomizer, 510 threading, 1.3 ohm resistance, silicone flavor band 3.7 volts max, 7 watts max.